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[Bug 1882112] Re: [radeon] Screen freeze


UPDATE: 11h41GMT Fri 12 Jun 2020  Rob Jarvis:  Freeze occured again today, second time since original report.  This time I was able to Alt+F2 and switch into the desktop in focus in the 4-part desktop 'palette' view.  This killed the freeze. The freeze seems to be associated with 2 factors which may be related, or not:

1) a having desktop with windows which overlap out of the visible area.
When swithcing into dektop palette mode the previously out of sight bits
of the windows in the one desktop then show as overlapping into the
adjacent desktops in the palette view (clearly all 4 are mapped into the
same large pixel space).

If I try to tidy up the overlaps in the palette view I am likely to hit
a freeze. If I return to the single desktop and tidy up the windows by
reducing their size and ensure all fit into the active desktop, then
return to the palette view, I can then shuffle the smaller windows from
one desktop to another without hitting a freeze, unless...

2)... I drag a window diagonally, say from Top-left to bottom right, so that the subject window traverses more than 2 desktop areas.  Then I am more leikely to see the freeze... it seems.  If I drag a desktop completely from that top left to top right and then wholly from there to bottom right it seems to stay well behaved and doesn't freeze.. so far.
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  [radeon] Screen freeze

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