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Bug#883189: cross-toolchain-base: dpkg-cross correct libc.so file for mips ports


Control: reassign -1 dpkg-cross
Control: tags -1 + moreinfo

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 09:33:22PM +0800, YunQiang Su wrote:
> Hi, in the previous version, we dropped
>     /usr/$(multiarch)/lib/ld.so.1
> for N32 and N64, while it seems libc.so hardcode this filename,
> Then, let's change it.

I concur with James Cowgill in all points:
 * This is a bug in dpkg-cross if anything.
 * You should be explaining what problem you solve.

Last time Matthias merged a dpkg-cross patch of yours it broke the
mips64el cross toolchain. I suggest that you provide test build logs
well to avoid a similar disaster.

I propose that you use a dpkg-cross with your prospective patch to
convert the in-archive glibc packages and cross build some non-trivial
packages with that toolchain. Also checking coinstallability with the
original is something worth checking as mips* is prone to violating