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Testing migration of linux


We now have a version of linux (5.2.9-2) that builds on all release
architectures and doesn't seem to cause build regressions for other
packages.  I think that this should migrate to testing soon, as the
version in testing is missing important security fixes.

I'm aware of autopkgtest regressions for two packages:

* cross-toolchain-base 36: This appears to be a bug in that version of
the package.  cross-toolchain-base version 39 seems to be compatible
with Linux 5.2 and would need to migrate at the same time.

* glibc 2.28-10: This is a minor regression in the kernel uAPI headers,
which could *possibly* lead to build failures if programs define
conflicting macros.  (I fixed the larger regression which did cause
build failures.)  glibc 2.29 as packaged in experimental will stop
using these uAPI headers.

The excuses file mentions "new bug" #934483, but that was a bug in
virtualbox-guest-dkms which has now been fixed.  virtualbox is not in

So these packages should migrate to testing together:

cross-toolchain-base 39
linux 5.2.9-2
linux-latest 106
linux-signed-amd64 5.2.9+2
linux-signed-arm64 5.2.9+2
linux-signed-i386 5.2.9+2

cross-toolchain-base seems to be dependent on these packages, which
also inter-depend on each other, so that they'll also need to migrate
at the same time:



Ben Hutchings
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