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[Merge] ~cjdc/ubuntu-docker-images/+git/nginx:1.24-23.10 into ~ubuntu-docker-images/ubuntu-docker-images/+git/nginx:1.24-23.10


The proposal to merge ~cjdc/ubuntu-docker-images/+git/nginx:1.24-23.10 into ~ubuntu-docker-images/ubuntu-docker-images/+git/nginx:1.24-23.10 has been updated.

Commit message changed to:

feat: add rockfile for Chiselled NGINX ROCK

This opens the new branch 1.24-23.10, which brings the README, LICENSE and "example" folder from other branches, plus a new rockcraft.yaml file, allowing the build of a Chiselled NGINX ROCK with ~21MB decompressed, and 8.8MB compressed.

For more details, see:
Your team Ubuntu Docker Images is requested to review the proposed merge of ~cjdc/ubuntu-docker-images/+git/nginx:1.24-23.10 into ~ubuntu-docker-images/ubuntu-docker-images/+git/nginx:1.24-23.10.