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[Bug 1420430] Re: "Disconnect" menu item in network-manager taskbar tool is inactive when connected to network


It is possible that this is not a bug, but that I somehow messed-up my
system.  To try to solve the problem, I deleted and reinstalled network-
manager and unity-greeter, and restarted.  The problem persisted.  I
then deleted unity-greeter, and restarted, but then could not get a
logon prompt.

In the "Privacy" system setting, I have "record activity" set to "off".
Because of that, (I think) I normally got a plain message at startup,
"Unable to write bytes".  Then unity greeter would start, and I would
log on (I have a password set).  But without unity-greeter (and using
unity-2d) it would not give me a logon prompt, even after answering all
the questions it asked me.  All I could get was "Unable to write bytes",
from which point all I could manage to do was ctrl-alt-del, which
rebooted, after which I still could not log on.  So I reinstalled 12.04
LTS, wiping out the previous installation.  Now it has been updated and
works fine.  I am using the following:

unity-greeter 0.2.9-0ubuntu1.4

with no problems or bugs.  You guys that work on bugs might want to try
logging on with a password needed, using unity-2d, and without unity-
greeter, and with "Record Activity" set to "off".  But be prepared to
lose the entire system!  Now that might be buggy.  But that would be a
different bug, not this one.

Thank you for your attention to this.

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  "Disconnect" menu item in network-manager taskbar tool is inactive
  when connected to network

Status in network-manager package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  When connected to a network (via ethernet), I am not able to
  disconnect using the network menu in the top taskbar.  The
  "Disconnect" menu item is not highlighted.  The Connection Name is
  highlighted, but I don't need to click it because I'm already
  connected to it.  If I click the Connection Name, it connects again,
  but still does not highlight the "Disconnect" option.  So to
  disconnect, I have to go to System Settings -> Network, and click on
  the toggle.  That does work.  It's just the taskbar connection manager
  that is malfunctioning.

  I have tried restarting, and the problem persists.

  This happened after I updated software this morning using Update
  Manager.  I installed the updated Unity Greeter that puts network
  status on the login screen and updates wifi and mobile.

  I am running 12.04 LTS and Unity2d

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