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[Bug 584632]


In nsEditor::InsertTextImpl we find this code:
if (mComposition) {
} else {
 if (node->IsNodeOfType(nsINode::eTEXT)) {
 } else {
  // we are inserting text into a non-text node.  first we have to create a
  // textnode (this also populates it with the text)

Debugging shows that when the font is lost - after clicking elsewhere and then clicking again at the end of the line - "we are inserting text into a non-text node". Dumping out the 'node' at this point gives:
body@1197C400 text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" _moz_dirty="" state=[40000020004] flags=[00104008] ranges:1 primaryframe=0BFDD498 refcount=62<
  tt@0DAA42E0 _moz_dirty="" state=[40000020000] flags=[00100000] primaryframe=0D3A5020 refcount=5<
    Text@0C58D650 flags=[02000008] primaryframe=0D3A5070 refcount=14<one>
  br@0DCF3D00 _moz_dirty="" state=[40000020000] flags=[00100000] primaryframe=0BFDFA90 refcount=4<>
  br@0DCF3DC0 _moz_dirty="" state=[40000020000] flags=[00100000] primaryframe=0BFDF968 refcount=2<>
  div@0DCF3E80 _moz_dirty="" class="moz-cite-prefix" state=[40000020000] flags=[00100400] primaryframe=0BFDFD20 refcount=4<
    Text@0DCFFD80 flags=[03000008] primaryframe=0BFE0088 refcount=3<On 26/02/2015 20:59, Bugzilla@Mozilla wrote:>
    br@0DCF3EE0 _moz_dirty="" state=[40000020000] flags=[00100000] primaryframe=0BFDF8F0 refcount=2<>
(Note: In my test I was answering a Bugzilla e-mail and my composition style was "tt". I had typed the word "one" before clicking elsewhere and then clicking again after "one". On the next keystroke the above dump was produced.)

This confirms what Ehsan said in comment #22: The key to this problem is
what happens when clicking at the end of the line to continue typing. By
the looks of it, the click does not identify the correct element where
the user would like to continue typing. Instead a new node is created
which is lacking the font information.

I could use some help to locate the code that translates the click into
identifying the element. Somewhere in ns(HTML)EditorEventListener.cpp, I

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Packages, which is subscribed to thunderbird in Ubuntu.

  composer changes font mid email

Status in Mozilla Thunderbird Mail and News:
Status in thunderbird package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Binary package hint: thunderbird

  As I'm typing my emails in Thunderbird, I can see what appears to be a
  font size change on screen, normally in the second line of text. The
  second line appear smaller than the first. It's barely perceptible, so
  half them time I think I am imagining it.

  Well, I've started Bccing to myself to check, and the emails I am
  receiving from myself are not only a different size, they're also a
  different font. Composer starts in some default serif, and by the
  second line is sans. I'd bee glad to email someone viz thunderbird,
  and also send along a screenshot of how it looks while I am typing.


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