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[Bug 1289592] Missing SRU information


Thanks for uploading the fix for this bug report to -proposed.  However,
when reviewing the package in -proposed and the details of this bug
report I noticed that the bug description is missing information
required for the SRU process.  You can find full details at
http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure but essentially
this bug is missing some of the following: a statement of impact, a test
case and details regarding the regression potential.  Thanks in advance!

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Desktop
Packages, which is subscribed to onboard in Ubuntu.

  SRU request for bugfix release (debian.tar.gz for trusty provided)

Status in onboard package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in onboard source package in Trusty:
Status in onboard source package in Utopic:
Status in onboard source package in Vivid:
  Fix Released

Bug description:

  We have just created a new bugfix micro-release for the version of
  Onboard shipping with Ubuntu trusty and hope that you will be able to
  pick it up.

  It contains the following changes compared to the version currently
  shipping with trusty:

  onboard (1.0.1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium

    * Request for sponsorship for new upstream release (LP: #1289592)
    * debian/copyright:
      - Update and refine copyright section
    * debian/patches/add_defaults_for_ubuntu.patch:
      - Add more xembed entries to onboard-defaults.conf
    * Add initial support for org.gnome.interface scaling-factor > 1 (LP #1283491)
    * Catch Onboard becoming unresponsive due to invisible dialogs
    * Small fix in the word suggestion line of the layouts
    * Fix loading of desktop backgrounds with non-ascii filenames
    * Fix startup failures in case of no defined locale or non-unicode locales
    * Fix handling of hint file with wrong permissions in /tmp
    * Fix black bars when xembedding
    * Ignore x-offset when xembedding in unity-greeter on small screens
    * Add more entries about embedding to the system defaults example file
    * Don't activate the move button twice on press
    * Assume RGBA support exist without compositing only in unity-greeter
    * Show dialog to enable accessibility also if only word suggestions needs it
    * Close the language menu when the language button is pressed a second time
    * Fix back trace and hangs when using click buttons with python3.2 on precise
    * Work around broken introspection of GLib.filename_from_uri() on precise
    * Work around jumpy moves and resizes of keyboard after unhiding by auto-show
    * Update window manager quirk selection after name change in gnome-shell
    * Fix a GTK depreciation warning
    * Remove spurious debug output
    * Some code cleanup
    * Update translations

   -- Francesco Fumanti <francesco.fumanti@xxxxxxx>  Fri, 07 Mar 2014
  21:38:09 +0100

  Ratinal for the update to be considered for Ubuntu trusty: 
  - The update contains a few relatively important fixes.
  - Apart the ubuntu-desktop and the xubuntu-desktop metapackages, there is no other package depending on it; thus in the worst case of an Onboard breakage, it would be limited to Onboard itself.

  Thanks in advance for taking the feature freeze exception request into
  account and feel free to post any questions you might have in this



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