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[Bug 1483914] Re: libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human


<Sweet5hark> dholbach: soo, releasing the theme independant from LibreOffice will likely get messy with different versions and people having the theme from one archive and LibreOffice from another (e.g. from PPAs). Thus I would love to have this upstream.
 dholbach: (see tdf#92458)
 dholbach: I'd love to help with that as time allows. https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=92458#c1 is the relevant piece there: We'd need the license statement-foo from the authors and look at the stuff being clean from an IP PoV. Probably best we get the git history into the LibreOffice core repo and get a license statement from the authors.
<ubot5> bugs.documentfoundation.org bug 92458 in UI "Integrate the “elementary” theme into LibreOffice" [Normal,New]
<Sweet5hark> dholbach: the git stuff should be doable reasonably easy with some git filter-branch foo, I will try to find time for that.
<Sweet5hark> dholbach: (getting the commits into the LibreOffice core repo has the added benefit of creating LibreOffice authoring credits for the theme creators ...)
<Sweet5hark> dholbach: beyond that: the debdiff in bug seems rather superfluous to me: No need to recommend -elementary -- we dont do that with e.g. the sifr or breeze themes either. We recommend -human to have it in the default install, we recommend -tango because ... well, actually we dont need to. We do as Debian (which doesnt have -human)  does that.
<Sweet5hark> dholbach: ;)
<Sweet5hark> <- just won an action item
 achievement unlocked, I guess.
<dholbach> Sweet5hark, I'm just going through the sponsoring queue and trying to get as many done or looked at as possible
<Sweet5hark> dholbach: right. nothing to sponsor here, the debdiff isnt what we'd want.
<dholbach> I'll unsubscribe the u-sponsors team then

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  libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human

Status in LibreOffice Productivity Suite:
Status in libreoffice package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  The Xubuntu team has started to maintain a new icon theme for

  Upstream: https://github.com/shimmerproject/libreoffice-style-elementary
  Source Package: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-artwork
  Package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/libreoffice-style-elementary

  Please consider adding this theme as an alternate Recommends for
  libreoffice-gtk and libreoffice-gtk3 in Ubuntu.  Ultimately, we would
  like to include this upstream in LibreOffice, and there is an initial
  upstream bug report where work was started on this (though it seems
  progress has slowed).

  Upstream report:

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