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[Bug 160311] Re: Resizing windows by grabbing window borders is difficult


Madbiologist: thanks for clarifying.  So I agree filing it as a new bug
would be good.  I'm not an appropriate person to do that, since I'm
using Unity less and less, and even in the past I've only used LTS
releases.  I hope someone will pick this up.

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  Resizing windows by grabbing window borders is difficult

Status in Ayatana Design:
  Fix Released
Status in emerald:
Status in One Hundred Papercuts:
  Fix Released
Status in metacity:
  In Progress
Status in ubuntu-mate:
Status in Release Notes for Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in Unity:
  Fix Released
Status in unity-2d:
Status in light-themes package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in unity package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  This bug is fixed in unity-3d since ubuntu 11.04.
  It still exists in unity-2d and will never be fixed as unity-2d is no longer supported since ubuntu 12.10 (see comment #343).


  This should mostly be fixed for Natty and might get backported to
  earlier releases as well.

  For Precise (12.04)  this is again broken for unity-2d (as of 17.7.2012 unity-2d 5.12.0-0ubuntu1.1).
  Note that if the window has a scrollbar, you can grab that to resize the window. If not, you are stuck with the 1px border. Workaround: NONE KNOWN (see comment 320)?


  *************Blueprint for Natty, Ubuntu 11.04:


  Work items1 * Make sure the new resize grip fits in current applications; doesn't interfere with anything. We should make some noise about this during the Natty cycle so people keep their eyes open and file bugs.
  2 * Invisible window resize area - around 3px invisible area to allow resize on all sides.


  Working grip backported to gtk2 already available in ppa :


  Workaround for Compiz/Unity: Alt+Middlemousebutton resizes a window
  most comfortably.

  Workaround:  Edit /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/metacity-1/metacity-
  theme-1.xml.  Set the following values in frame_geometry_normal as

          <distance name="left_width" value="3"/>
          <distance name="right_width" value="3"/>
          <distance name="bottom_height" value="3"/>


  Binary package hint: metacity

  - The issue has been an issue for users (especially of large) screens
  for several releases- Trackpad users seem to be particularly impacted
  by this- The issue appears to have been significantly aggravated in
  Lucid by changing the border width from 3 pixels to 1 pixel

  The window borders in metacity are far too thin to be used for
  comfortable window resizing, and resize handles are not available in
  all applications (or even most). In fact, of all the windows I have
  open right now, not a single one of them has a resize handle. The
  result is that I get a lot of "misses" when I try to drag a window
  border, which usually results in my clicking on the wrong window
  altogether. The best fix for this usability bug is to create an
  "invisible" region around each non-maximized window about 4px thick
  that can be used for resizing (in addition to the visible border). Or
  perhaps there should be a border thickness option on the System >
  Preferences > Windows dialog (although the default thickness should
  still be increased considerably). Ideally all windows would also have
  a resize handle but I realize that these have to be application
  controlled (at least that seems to be the position of the metacity

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