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[Bug 111939] Re: Alt-Tab - Not possible to alt-tab during a drag-and-drop operation


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  Alt-Tab - Not possible to alt-tab during a drag-and-drop operation

Status in Ayatana Design:
  Fix Committed
Status in One Hundred Papercuts:
  Fix Released
Status in metacity:
  Fix Released
Status in Unity:
  Fix Released
Status in Xfwm4:
Status in compiz package in Ubuntu:
Status in metacity package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in mutter package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in unity package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  In some window managers (I believe KWin is one of them) the user is
  able to initiate a drag-and-drop operation, then press alt-tab to
  raise a window that will be the drop target, and only then release the
  mouse button so that the drag-and-drop is performed. This is not
  possible with Metacity, Beryl, Compiz or Xfwm. It is unclear to me
  whether this is a limitation of the window manager or some other part
  of the system.


  Use Case:

  Dragging movie/audio files from nautilus to totem.

  Steps to Reproduce:

  1.  open totem media player full screen
  2.  open nautilus full screen
  3.  browse to media files
  4.  select some media files (e.g. a movie file) and move it to start a drag and drop operation
  5.  press Alt+Tab


  Nothing happens.

  Expected Results:

  Alt+Tab should allow the user to switch tasks and preserve the drag
  state, so the user can drag files from one application to another.


  Drag and drop works if the applications are tiled to the left/right of
  each other, or if they are windowed so it should work when they are
  full screen.

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