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[Bug 1247683] Re: Gnome-screensaver does not lock if "turn screen off" is disabled


This is still an issue.  Because of bug #1295267 I can't set the screen
to turn off automatically.  So I turned off screen blanking  and left
lock on. I was a little bit surprised that screen lock didn't engage
after an idle period.

Also, I am trying to understand why screen blank + lock would work, but
only a screen lock wouldn't.

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  Gnome-screensaver does not lock if "turn screen off" is disabled

Status in gnome-screensaver package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  The "Screensaver & Lock settings dialog" for the gnome screensaver is
  misleading and is a security risk.

  It allows you to specify whether or not the screen will be turned off
  after a certain time, and it allows you to specify whether or not the
  session will lock (and require a password) after a certain time. The
  dialog presents these as indpeendent options, but in reality, the lock
  will NEVER operate unless you also enable "Turn screen off ...".

  The "Lock" option should be grayed out/disabled if "Turn screen off"
  is not enabled.

  Much better would be to change the code so that the two functions are
  independent of each other. Surely it should be possible to lock the
  session after a set time even if you don't have the screen set to turn

  As it stands, users can be fooled into thinking that their session
  will lock after a set time when in reality that will not happen unless
  they have also enabled "Turn screen off".

  In addition, at present the Lock options for 30 secs, 1 minute, etc
  actually represent the time delay AFTER the screen is turned off. So
  for example if you set "Turn screen off" to 5 minutes and "Lock" to 2
  minutes, the session will lock after 5+2 = 7 minutes.

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