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[Bug 1480877] Re: Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices



Thanks for the update.  I commented on bug #1404188 regarding this bug.
I agree with you that moving to a new backend for the vivid-overlay PPA
is risky.  That said, if we keep the networkmanager bug backend, this
bug really needs to be fixed.

What you say about the networkmanager backend is true, as NM is the
controller of our networking, so querying it makes sense if you want to
know whether we're on 3g or WiFi.  That said, the connectivity API was
originally designed to do the same thing, although it was never actually
"published" as an API that could be used by the rest of the system.  It
was designed for this, however the team never finished the work, so
AFAIK to date, it's only been used by indicator-network.

In *theory*, it should be possible to query the same exact information
from a connectivity-API based backend.   It would give far less control
however actually permitting changes to the network configuration and/or
what interface was activated.   I think that's OK, as we delegate all of
that to indicator-network.  We have no concept of a network-admin
capability that can be granted to apps ( again AFAIK ).

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  Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile

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Bug description:
  Krillin, rc-proposed, r83

  I've been trying to track down the cause of the occasional UI freezes on my Krillin device, and I noticed that whenever the UI freezes for 2-4 seconds, I get a burst of "PropertiesChanged" signals in dbus-monitor

  Here's a log of what's shown in dbus-monitor:

  I'd guess the problem is in the code that actually catches the signals
  and acts accordingly.

  1) Move to a place where many wifi hotspots are available
  2) Connect the device via USB and run "phablet-shell" and then "dbus-monitor"
  3) Use the device while keeping an eye on dbus-monitor output

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