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[Bug 1516108] Re: system freezes requiring hard reset at unpredictable times under different activities Kubuntu 15.10


After going down to 1 virtual desktop & changing the input settings, it
happened one more time.

I've gone back to 2 virtual desktops, & I made a few changes in the
compositor settings:

animation speed lowered about 2 clicks

scale method --> smooth

opengl --> opengl3.1 instead of 2

So far so good.  Used it for about 6 hours yesterday & 4hrs today w/o

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  system freezes requiring hard reset at unpredictable times under
  different activities Kubuntu 15.10

Status in xorg package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Kubuntu 15.10, about 3 day old installation on a new HP 15-f272wm
  laptop (4096mb sdram, Intel Pentium N3540) keeps freezing, relatively
  unpredictably. the mouse doesn't work, nor do any key combinations
  (alt+f1, ctrl-alt-esc, ctrl-esc, ctrl-alt-[fkey], ctrl-alt-
  del-[shift], etc., even power button unless held for powercycle hard

  I saved the kernel & system logs covering a couple times it happened,
  available here
  It happens most often when using chromium - i tried switching to
  firefox, but it still has happened 1 or 2 more times, though chrome
  seemed to trigger it more often, making me think maybe it's something
  about memory &/or GPU allocation under moderate-to-heavy system load.
  I also saw something in the logs that looked like temp sensor errors
  or recalibration, I think right before 1 of the crashes, but i didn't
  have the time or expertise to be sure.

  I tend to have 4-16 browser tabs open, often in 2-3 windows on 4
  virtual desktops, along w/ Pycharm community edition & i make heavy
  use of yakuake dropdown terminal & custom keyboard shortcuts. The
  machine seems to have free memory & spare cpu cycles when the problem
  occurs though, so I think there's a legitimate malfunction.

  Reproducible: Yes (inconsistently) 
  Steps to Reproduce: 
  1. Use computer for web browsing, python development, etc. 
  2. some point, between 8min & 8hours, the mouse will freeze 
  3. it's completely frozen at this point 

  Expected Results: 
  system would let me run my applications; if application crashes, it should still be possible to change windows, enter virtual terminal, kill offending process, etc i'm probably going to try installing kubuntu 15.04, because this problem almost makes my current setup worse than going back to windows

  Actual Results: 
  despite furious motions on the trackpad, alt+tab, & every other key combo i can think, no response at all. caps lock wont light up, etc. kernel seems totally unresponsible, though I haven't gotten sysreq magic key working to confirm extent of kernel lockup.

  PS I hope this is the right place to submit this bug, b/c I mistakenly
  submitted it at kde.org & they told me no, i should go to the
  distribution bug tracker - I'm tentatively guessing that's here, but
  let me know if I'm in the wrong place again

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