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[Bug 1480877] Re: Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices


1) requestUpdate() should be left in, as the backend needs to tell other parts when the update request has been completed. I have tested this, so it does compile. In further testing, it does not look like any clients are requesting updates, so the increased power consumption is coming from somewhere else.

2) The crash is because of dead code, and included change is just a
quick fix. Proper fix is to go through this and remove the rest of the
dead and unneeded code.

3) If you want this delta as small as possible, it is safe to remove
this from the patch and only include #2. There is more dead code in
there now that it only relies on settings and active connections, which
I will remove in a different patch.

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  Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile

Status in Canonical System Image:
  Fix Committed
Status in Unity 8:
Status in dbus-cpp package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress
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  Fix Committed
Status in dbus-cpp package in Ubuntu RTM:
  Fix Released
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  Fix Released
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Bug description:
  Krillin, rc-proposed, r83

  I've been trying to track down the cause of the occasional UI freezes on my Krillin device, and I noticed that whenever the UI freezes for 2-4 seconds, I get a burst of "PropertiesChanged" signals in dbus-monitor

  Here's a log of what's shown in dbus-monitor:

  I'd guess the problem is in the code that actually catches the signals
  and acts accordingly.

  1) Move to a place where many wifi hotspots are available
  2) Connect the device via USB and run "phablet-shell" and then "dbus-monitor"
  3) Use the device while keeping an eye on dbus-monitor output

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