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[Bug 218637] Re: Non-breaking space is easy to write accidentally and impossible to distinguish from regular space.


geany has  setting in Edit > Preferences > Editor > Display > Show white  space.
I think it should be default. It shows one pixel mark for regular white space, which is hard to see, though. It shows just space for non breaking space. Inverting colors helps a bit.

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  Non-breaking space is easy to write accidentally and impossible to
  distinguish from regular space.

Status in Geany:
Status in gedit:
Status in GNOME Terminal:
Status in nano:
Status in xfce4-terminal:
Status in xorg package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  OS: from Hardy to at least Trusty.

  When you use Finnish keyboard, you have to hold Alt Gr down to type |
  or \ or certain other characters. When typing a shell command, you may
  often want to enter a space character after such characters. But it
  easily happens that Alt Gr is still down when you press space, and
  consequently you type non-breaking space character U+00A0 (at least,
  if you use UTF-8 keyboard layout, which is default in Ubuntu).

  $cd /tmp ; echo 0 > foo\ bar ; ls "foo bar"
  ls: cannot access foo bar: No such file or directory
  $cat foo bar | grep 0
  No command ' grep' found, but there are 16 similar ones
   grep: command not found

  Besides it may be hard to see the typing error, as non-breaking space
  character looks exactly same as regular space character.

  A way to avoid such typos would be to use another keyboard shortcut
  for non-breaking space. Besides non-breaking space should look
  different than regular space in terminal emulators and in editors.

  A workaround in to run
  setxkbmap -option "nbsp:none"
  to make <Alt Gr><space> type regular space character,
  and use `printf '\u00a0'` or `printf "\xc2\xa0"` to have a non-breaking space in scripts and in command line.

  Non-breaking space can be typed (in GTK apps) by <Ctrl><Shift>u 00a0<Enter>, if needed, but it looks exactly like a regular space.
  For me, <Super><Space> would be a good shortcut for non-breaking space.

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