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[Bug 1540004] Re: Update to 3.3


This bug was fixed in the package rhythmbox - 3.3-1ubuntu1

rhythmbox (3.3-1ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release (LP: #1540004)
  * d/p/make-shuffle-repeat-proper-toggle-actions.patch: Refreshed
  * Merge with Debian unstable, remaining changes:
    + Split magnatune, mozilla, visualizer and cdrecorder plugins out and Recommend
      these from rhythmbox instead of all of the plugins.
    + Drop cdrecord and mozilla plugins to suggest.
    + Build the visualizer plugin.
    + Build the mozilla plugin.
    + Suggest gst-plugins-ugly instead of Recommending.
    + Add Ubuntu encoding presets and use them by default.
    + debian/patches/02_use_escaped_podcast_uri.patch
      - Handle podcasts that have sound files with the same basename
    + debian/patches/03_magnatune_partner.patch:
      - Change magnatune partner ID to 'ubuntu'.
    + debian/patches/05_hide_on_quit.patch
      - Hide (not quit) if RB is playing when closed.
    + debian/patches/07_quicklists.patch
      - Add quicklists.
    + debian/patches/08_stop_quit.patch:
      - Add a "Stop & Quit"-option to the quickmenu (via .desktop)
    + debian/patches/make-shuffle-repeat-proper-toggle-actions.patch,
      debian/patches/restore-traditional-menubar.patch: Add a traditional
      menubar back when we want it, and fix the shuffle/repeat actions so they
      work corerctly there.
    + debian/source_rhythmbox.py: Add an apport hook.
    + debian/control.in: Update rhythmbox-plugins description to reflect
      plugins shipped.
    + Build with dh-autoreconf for new ports.

 -- Tim Lunn <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  Tue, 02 Feb 2016 16:34:31 +1100

** Changed in: rhythmbox (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

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  Update to 3.3

Status in rhythmbox package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in rhythmbox package in Debian:

Bug description:

  Overview of changes in Rhythmbox 3.3

  * New plugin supporting Android devices via gvfs-mtp
  * Encoding settings are now configurable per device type
  * Encoding settings can force lossless files to be transcoded

  Bugs fixed:

  733830 	While extracting music from CDs, information in the "Year" field is lost
  748857 	Typos in documentation
  749015 	audioscrobbler: Fix displaying icon for libre.fm
  751265 	JSON import errors
  751630 	Sync Preferences Missing
  751961 	iradio: remove Radio GFM
  752433 	[PATCH] data: Add various mod files as supported MIME types
  753359 	Don't handle RTL icons manually for GTK+ >= 3.12
  753767 	error: conflicting types for 'rhythmdb_metadata_cache_purge'
  755881 	crash when adding files found during startup scan
  756992 	hangs after handling mod/xm/it (modplug) file when crossfade is enabled
  757225	Freezing with crossfade backend and Pulseaudio with GStreamer 1.6.x
  760192 	commit 85c185d breaks compilation with -Wl,-as-needed
  761030 	Album-Art caching issue

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