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[Bug 1477838] Re: Crackling sound after playing audio and suspended


@z-admin-angels-gmail-com - are you saying it makes a brief ticking
noise after playing a podcast? And would you know, if you are asleep?

Otherwise this sounds like a different bug

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  Crackling sound after playing audio and suspended

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Bug description:
  The Meizu MX4 is doing a weird "tic tic tic..." after receive a
  notification (from telegram, mail...) and it's suspended.


  When I press the screen lock button on the MX4 shortly after playing
  music or ending a phone call I hear a radio/fuzzy distorted noise
  coming from the phone. To make it stop I need to unlock and lock the
  screen again but this is not ideal.


  When the screen is locked and the playing song is finished and waiting
  for a stopped signal, MX4 will do a weird lower sound.


  TEST CASE (Thanks to Kamikaze)
  1. Boot the device and wait until it suspends (black screen)
  2. ssh to the device
  3. Run from the command line:
    $ aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav
  4. Repeat step 3 until you reproduce the issue (3 to 5 times)

  --- Original Case ---
  How to reproduce (Note this does not always work, the phone needs to be in some specific state yet to be determined)

  Ensure MX4 is not plugged into USB
  Call the MX4 and hear the ringtone
  Dismiss the call
  Push the power button to turn off the screen
  Tick Tick Tick
  Push the power button to turn on the screen
  Push the power button to turn off the screen
  Tick Tick Tick

  It will not clear until you play another sound
  Does not happen in silent mode of course

  ------from the dupe ----

  Aquaris E4.5

  Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start playing a podcast.
  2. Switch to a different app.
  3. Lock the screen.
  4. Wait for the Podcast to finish.
  5. Wait a bit longer.

  Expected results:

  No noise from speaker.

  Actual results:

  Soft white noise from speaker. It seems that some part of the audio
  subsystem is still switched on. I am concerned that this could be
  draining battery.


  After the Podcast finishes, unlock the phone and switch back to the
  Podbird app. This causes the noise to stop.


  I noticed the same soft white noise continues a second or two after
  the phone plays any sound from any app, but then turns off. I presume
  there is some time out turning off some part of the audio subsystem.
  Presumably if there is a reason, it should happen even when the app
  causing the sound to play is not active.

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