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[Bug 968759] Re: adobe-flashplugin firefox display - crashes some webkit programs (depends on cpu)


Hopefully, Marius. 
This despotic attitude of Adobe people is simply disgusting, as it's showing here.

BTW, why "Fix Released" in Debian? Trying to crack a good joke??

NO FIX WAS EVER RELEASED. Period. Bart was right that the Debian people
cannot do anything about it, as "upstream ain't giving a damn" as
pointed out so verbosely (and correctly) above by Rafal.

As Flash is closed source, it would have to be done by Adobe
themselves...OR...by some genius who knows about reverse engineering
(disassemble everything and kickout all SSE2 shit). But knowing how big
these files are, this may become a 1-year job...


Back in 2012, I decided to put up a Debian package back in 2013, and I
stll get an insanely lot of download requests each week for it (even
though I have never pestered any distro teams directly that they should
include it)


Install it, and it will work OOTB on any non-SSE2 machine.  Created from
an older maverick package, I simply replaced the Flash bloatware by yet
another Chrome build ( and fired this up to ZippyShare.

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  adobe-flashplugin firefox display -
  crashes some webkit programs (depends on cpu)

Status in adobe-flashplugin package in Ubuntu:
Status in flashplugin-nonfree package in Ubuntu:
Status in Baltix:
Status in flashplugin-nonfree package in Debian:
  Fix Released
Status in Gentoo Linux:
  Won't Fix

Bug description:
  Using Firefox 11.0 and the Adobe's Shockwave Flash in youtube. Youtube and all flash sites shows a black box instead of the player. It works fine on Google Chrome.
  i'm reinstall this package and nothing happend.

  im using Ubuntu lucid 10.04.3 Adobe-flashplugin
  adobe-flash-properties-gtk works fine.

  This package is not stable.
  This is apparently caused by the use of SSE2 instructions in new versions of adobe flash binaries, but only on older CPU's not implementing SSE2. There is an upstream bug reported for this: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3161034

  Note that this code is binary only outside of Adobe.

  Where lernid, and apparently epiphany-browser use webkit they don't
  catch SIGILL. Both crash  and close with the message "Illegal
  Instruction" sent to the console.

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