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[Bug 1342175] Re: [upstream] Poor performance with find & replace with empty value on large data set


@xtrusia: Did you ever even test that debdiff vs. 4.2? I doesnt even seem to compile:
- For one there seems to be an obvious typo in using both rMark.getMarkedRanges() and rMark.GetMarkedRanges() in the same patch
- Curiously this typo isnt even there in the upstream commit 91502a72c12c559442e8bf77c27a516b49c2a68d from which it was derived
- then the patch uses sc::ColRowSpan which does not seem to be available on LibreOffice 4.2.x yet

Here is an example build log failure:

Im not too happy to have wasted some time to rebase the patch from 4.2.6
on 4.2.7, now realizing this likely never build on 4.2.6 in the first

In the future, please in general consider using the upstream backport
branches as per:
on https://gerrit.libreoffice.org. For one, this gives you the support
of upstream CI and buildbots, but more importantly also the support of
upstream reviewers. Sadly, its now too late for this to succeed with
that as has been tagged and is at the end of the upstream
support for this series.

For now, I will leave the patch in packaging (so that the rebase work
isnt lost), but disable it. If you want this patch to still make the
next trusty SRU, the patch needs to be in a good form against 4.2.7 and
be thoroughly tested before the end of October 2014. That means you need
to do a build and at least run the autopkgtests against it and at least
do some basic manual testing in the patched functionality. Thanks.

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  [upstream] Poor performance with find & replace with empty value on
  large data set

Status in LibreOffice Productivity Suite:
Status in “libreoffice” package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  [SRU justification]


  Hang or Very slow performance after replaceall or searchall massive

  Regression in Find and Replace with LO Calc 4.2 (last worked in 4.1).
  It now takes a long time to "Find and Replace" if the to be replaced
  is to nothing.

  See comment #5/#6 of upstream for reproducer.
  See commend #8 for bibisect.

  [Test Case]

  fill A column to 0
  select A column 

  Replace All 0 to " " ( null space )

  [Regression Potential]

  [Other Info]
  upstream patch


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