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[Bug 1363721] Re: Duplicate "Security & Privacy" icons in Unity dash


Err, @Ian Lane, this bug is not fixed 100% correctly (but it's working).

If the machine that is compiling this package has "libgnome-control-center-dev" installed, the gnome-control-center panel will be built.
Sure, the Ubuntu packages are built in a clean environment, but it's still wrong.

data/Makefile.am (lines 26-28):
        desktop_in_files += gnome-activity-log-manager-panel.desktop.in

configure.ac (lines 62-66):
        [build control-center plugin Ubuntu crash reporting page @<:@default=check@:>@])],

configure.ac (line 128):
    AM_CONDITIONAL([HAVE_CCPANEL], [test -n "$CCPANEL_LIBS"  && test "x$with_ccpanel" != xno])

I don't understand much of this, but don't these lines make the gnome-
control-center panel be built when libgnome-control-center-dev is

I was going to backport this fix to Trusty, but this issue confused me.
If this issue gives you more trouble than it's worth, and if activity-log-manager isn't going to be used in Unity 8, just forget it. You probably have more important things to do. :)
But I would like to see this fix in Trusty.

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  Duplicate "Security & Privacy" icons in Unity dash

Status in Privacy Manager for Zeitgeist:
Status in “activity-log-manager” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Ubuntu 14.04, activity-log-manager 0.9.7-0ubuntu14.

  My Unity dash contains two entries for "Security & Privacy".

  In /usr/share/applications, there are two .desktop files which this
  string in them: gnome-activity-log-manager-panel.desktop and unity-
  activity-log-manager-panel.desktop. Both of these files can be tracked
  to the 'activity-log-manager' package.

  I'm thinking gnome-activity-log-manager-panel.desktop should be
  excluded from Unity, by changing "OnlyShowIn=Unity;" to

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