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[Bug 1382291] Re: Account creation during first boot of an OEM image needs to scale based on resolution


I've not looked to the logic behind hidpi scaling in a bit, but iirc
unity-settings-daemon doesn't apply the factor to the session.

In GNOME g-s-d does it, but the unity case is more complex since we have
different factors (gtk being an int, unity being a float, ...) so we let
unity do the magic.

Of course in the oem installer mode unity is not running so nothing is
setting the xsettings that would make gtk do the hidpi

@Shih-Yuan, your patch add support of the unity scaling to u-s-d, but is
that really helping in the case where unity is not running? We should
probably just make u-s-d apply the gtk factor if unity is not there,
that should work right?

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  Account creation during first boot of an OEM image needs to scale
  based on resolution

Status in OEM Priority Project:
Status in OEM Priority Project trusty series:
Status in ubiquity package in Ubuntu:
Status in unity-settings-daemon package in Ubuntu:
Status in ubiquity source package in Trusty:
Status in unity-settings-daemon source package in Trusty:

Bug description:
  The ubiquity window size display in HiDPI screens is small.

  The new gSettings to scale GTK applications (and their corresponding
  settings in System Settings) work great, but this does not help for
  the account creation (first boot) for users buying a pre-install

  We would need changes in Ubiquity to:

   * Probe the monitor to get resolution information
   * Re-scale the ubiquity window using the corresponding gsetting (com.ubuntu.user-interface scale-factor) based on resolution

  We would need the changes to be backported to Trusty as well.

  [Test Case]
  1. Install image on a system with HiDPI panel
  2. Check the ubiquity window size displayed on screen

  Expected Result:
  The window size should be reasonable for user to read the content.

  Actual Result:
  The window size is small and user is hard to read the content.

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