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Upgrades to 2.21


Hi All,

On a few upgrades to 2.21 I've run into a problem that only seems to show up occasionally.
I'll receive and error along the lines of 

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown name value [Date] for enum class [org.hisp.dhis.common.ValueType]

Once you know what to look for it becomes pretty clear that if you run something like this 
SELECT DISTINCT  valuetype FROM dataelement;
You'll find "Date" instead of "DATE" a similar thing happens with the feature type on the organisationunit table. 

I haven't been able to pin down exactly why it doesn't _always_ work but often on startup DHIS 2 will fix the problem on it's own and I think change the names to the proper types other times I get the error above. My guess is that might be related to older versions of Postgres but that is just a hunch.

Can someone share some insight into what happens on startup and if there is a way I can help to write some integrity checks to run beforehand? Right now it's pretty basic with queries like this: 
SELECT uid, featuretype, name FROM organisationunit 

I figured I'd try to get the whole picture before sending the user's list.


Dan Cocos
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