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Suggestions for additional "relative orgunits" and "relative periods"


Hi devs, 
having spent quite a bit of time in recent months defining output and dashboards, I’ve come across a few gaps that I’d like to highlight. 

The first is an issue I also wrote about on the list some time back, which relates to relative periods and "cumulative aggregation" (not sure how to phrase it).Programmes that track progress throughout the year (often with targets), for example EPI, use "months this year" displayed cumulatively as the main way to track progress. By "cumulatively", I mean that the value for march (whether it is an indicator or data element) would be jan + feb + march, april would be jan + feb + march + april etc.

The second issue is support for some additional relative orgunits, and the posibility to combine fixed and relative orgunits (as can be done with periods). For relative orgunits, it would be very useful to have "parent orgunit", and "peer orgunits" to include orgunits with the same parent as the user orgunit. Both allow you to have reusable output that can be used to show performance etc relative to related orgunits. That is also the reason I think it would be useful to be able to combine fixed and relative orgunits, so that you could for example have a favorite showing the indicator for your orgunit with the national value.

Are these things something that could be considered? Would be happy to write blueprint(s).


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