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Question regarding charts/reportTables apis



We are facing an issue when we want to download data for our charts and
reports on Praxis. We are using the charts/reportTables api in order to
download the data.

When are we using the api as a collection (eg.
*[id,items[id,name]]**,filters**[id,items[id,name]]* ), the response does
not contain any data for rows, columns and filters. However when we use the
api for individual reports or charts like
are able to get the data for rows, columns and filters.

In order to address this, we have to recurse over all the reports/charts
obtained from the collection api call and and make individual calls for
each report/chart in order to fetch the data for rows, columns and filters.

Is this a bug or an intended behavior?

Poulami Biswas | App Developer  | * Thought*Works , Hyderabad | +91