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Issue with modifying Data Elements that have Option set - Value type gets nullified



We are working on DHIS version 2.24 (revision 23565). We have created data
elements with option sets. When we try to modify them, and save, a message
pops, saying 'Value Type is undefined'. But we cannot edit the Value Type -
as the field is disabled. So, we unassign the option set for the data
element, then set a Value Type for it (it's enabled now as we unassigned
the option set), and then re-assign the option set back. Then the data
element gets saved. Looks like the Value Type property gets nullified after
saving the data Element each time. This happens even if we create the data
element initially with a value type and also, the option set assigned to it
also has the same value type.

However, data elements without option sets work fine, and get saved upon
any modification.

Is this a known issue? Could you please look into it and help fix it.


Archana Chillala
Application Developer
Email archanac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Telephone +91 9100960533 <+91+9100960533>
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