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Date Time Format change


Hello Friends,

I'm working on an android app that interacts with DHIS2. It is a government
project. This is one of the projects that Health officials are really
concerned about. They are looking forward to demo this next week.

Recently we have downloaded the new #124 build of dhis.war. Our well tested
and app seamed crashing on retrieving Events from Events API and we did a
thorough investigation since that part of the code was tested by several
hundreds of users and approved.

Our findings are as below.

-* previous Format*

"programStage": "wS2i9c9hXXz",
      "orgUnit": "cRv4S3vBoIK",
      "program": "MmGml1Gyb7K",
      "trackedEntityInstance": "yNSwSLV7zlN",
      "enrollment": "iclnhtQ00gr",
      "enrollmentStatus": "ACTIVE",
      "href": "http:///nss/api/events/FWvWE950yZf
      "event": "FWvWE950yZf",
      "status": "ACTIVE",
      *"eventDate": "2016-01-13T18:30:00.000+0000",*
      "orgUnitName": "Ambagahawella",
      "created": "2016-03-14T13:36:03.956+0000",
      "lastUpdated": "2016-03-14T13:36:03.956+0000",
      "followup": false,

-* Current Format*

"programStage": "wS2i9c9hXXz",
      "orgUnit": "cRv4S3vBoIK",
      "dueDate": "2016-06-15T16:08:01.665",
      "program": "MmGml1Gyb7K",
      "trackedEntityInstance": "luBswqwIXi0",
      "enrollment": "gyEbBkDubZb",
      "enrollmentStatus": "ACTIVE",
      "href": "http://l/nss/api/events/Tq1eNtA7l6R
      "event": "Tq1eNtA7l6R",
      "status": "ACTIVE",
     * "eventDate": "2016-06-15T16:02:33.455",*
      "orgUnitName": "Ambagahawella",
      "attributeCategoryOptions": "ZJyvKtqS7Kx",
      "created": "2016-06-15T16:08:01.683",
      "lastUpdated": "2016-06-15T16:08:01.683",
      "followup": false,
      "coordinate": {
        "latitude": 0.0,
        "longitude": 0.0

Please note that the older version and latest version has a difference when
it comes to DateTime formats such as *eventDate*. This change seams to be
deadly to us. Our app has so many time based dependencies.

How can we address these kind of sudden changes? Specially when we don't
have a development team, we may not be able to customize these builds once
apps finished.

Please provide your valuable thoughts.

Thank you all in advance. Appreciate the efforts on this great course as


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