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Re: Response differences between /api/metadata and /api/23/metadata


Hi - I'm just following up on these questions. Your help is appreciated.



On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 2:10 PM, Lorill Crees <lcrees@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am working on updating our applications to DHIS 2 v 2.23 specifically in
> regards to upgrading to using the /api/23/metadata api call. I am testing
> against revision 23053.
> We have a few issues:
>    1. Is there any documentation outlining the response structure from
>    all API calls, including when there are errors or any other scenarios? We
>    have been upgrading our response parser on a trial and error basis
>    attempting to mimic all possible scenarios which is not ideal.
>    2. When submitting an identical post containing {"
>    programTrackedEntityAttributes" [...], "program" [...]}, where there
>    is an error in the Program being posted, the call to /api/metadata responds
>    with success for "programTrackedEntityAttributes" with the correct
>    "importCount" counts, but the call to /api/23/metadata responds for "
>    programTrackedEntityAttributes" with "stats" counts containing all
>    zeros, and no "objectReports". It is like the first item being posted is
>    completely ignored if the second item posted has errors. Is this the
>    intended behaviour? And should there be "objectReports" regardless? Please
>    see attached examples.
>    3. There is no longer a "lastImported" field. Is this now deprecated?
>    4. The /api/23/metadata response with "errorReports" within
>    "objectReports" appears to have replaced the /api/metadata
>    "importConflicts". In /api/metadata, the "importConflicts" "object" field
>    contains the actual name of the object that has the error (eg: the Program
>    short name in our case). However, in /api/23/metadata there is only the
>    index which makes it more work to debug. Is it possible to also include the
>    name of the object in the error report like the prior API version does?
> Thanks,
> Lorill