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Modifying Admin user in different browsers



We are working on latest DHIS 2.24 version (revision 23516). We observed
different behaviours in different browsers when trying to modify 'admin'
user. The browsers we used for testing are Chrome (version 52.0) and
Firefox (version 48.0.2). In Chrome, when we modify the admin user and
change some setting for the user, and save it, it gets saved immediately.
However, In Firefox, when we try to modify admin user and save it - it
prompts for entering a proper password and we cannot save the user unless
we change the existing default password to suit the password regulations
required. I guess this is because, since admin user has a default password
all in lowercase, it cannot save it unless it meets the password
requirements. However, Chrome does not prompt any such error. Is this a
known issue? What is the expected behaviour?

Please see the screenshot below.

*Here, we tried to update the Interface language of the admin user to
'Chinese'. And when we click 'save', this is what happens in Firefox.*

[image: Inline image 1]



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