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Generating analytics for a specific dataset


Hi all,

We're currently hitting the /resourceTables/analytics endpoint regularly
from a cron script to keep our reports up to date. On our current DHIS2
instance this takes around 2 minutes to complete. However, we're soon
planning on migrating to another instance with a LOT more
datasets/dataelements e.t.c. where the analytics job takes around 2 hours
to run, hence is only done once overnight.

We'd still like to be able to keep the reports which rely on only our
dataset/dataelements up to date regularly though. Is there a way of
triggering the analytics to run only for a specific dataset and it's
related dataelements?

Perhaps someone could explain the effects of the skip* query params for the
endpoint in a little more detail?

As a note, something similar has been discussed before when a colleague of
mine asked about Realtime Analytics:


- Jasper

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