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User cannot edit their own objects in 2.21


Hi all,

we have realized that at some point in 2.21 development the access control
for elements that don't have an explicit "Add/Update Private" authority
(like ReportTables, Charts and Dashboards) stopped working as expected. For
example, users can save a ReportTable as favorite, but they cannot update
the table they have previously created.

Looking at following versions, it seems that this issue was fixed in 2.22
with this commit
but it was not backported to 2.21. We have tried applying that commit in
2.21, and it solves the issue.

Could it be backported to 2.21? If you prefer, we can create a pull request
to contribute it.

For us it is quite important to fix it in 2.21 because we will use this
version until January 2017.



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