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translations using d2


Hi Mark,

We have been using d2 library in couple of our custom apps and we want to
implement translations using the same. Currently the translations as they
work in other dhis apps is by parsing the client side.properties file and
getting the translation using
d2.i18n.getTranslation('this_is_my_title') .....the keys are present in
i18n files for different locales and the sources for i18n files are added
to d2.config.i18n.sources

We remember you were specifying in one of the previous mails on simplifying
the workflow for translations i.e...moving from 'key' based system to
getText style of workflow...something like d2.i18n.getTranslation('This is
my title') which renders the english text if no translation is available.
We wanted to check if it is implemented and can be used by our custom apps
as well. If so could you point us to getting started on the same.


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