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Maintenance App validation problems with '%' character


Hi team,

We are using v2.23 (from branch on GitHub) and are encountering validation
issues with the '%' character in the maintenance app. This is applicable to
all entities that have validation rules (i.e. DataElements, Categories
etc.). The specific error is obfuscated in the JS console as a Minified
exception. The issue is not replicable on our local dev environments which
suggests it must be a minification issue.

Version: 2.23
Revision: 979a8e9952be410438563178f47d813f3bc0a60d
Maintenance App version: v23.0.2

This is also an issue on the latest stable demo at
https://play.dhis2.org/demo where the validation error is shown incorrectly
as "This field requires a unique value". An example name to trigger the
error is "Burns on 10% body area".

Any ideas what may be causing this?


David Oh

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