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DHIS2 Roadmap for time periods



We are using DHIS2 and understand that currently data collected weekly
(always Mon-Sun period shown) is aggregated into months based on whichever
month the Monday of the week is in. We heard that, on the roadmap, is to
change this to whichever month >=4 days of the week are in - that is how we
currently aggregated our weekly data. Is it correct that there is nothing
else related to week -> month aggregation on the roadmap? We are wondering
specifically about aggregating weekly data into calendar months using
proportional allocation of the weekly data *(*that is, if 2 days in the
week are in Feb and 5 in March, 2/7 of the totals are allocated to Feb
(likely rounded to whole numbers) and 5/7 allocated to March*)*?

Could you please let us know if on the roadmap, is proportional allocation
of weeks to months, will create calendar months? or months of 4 or 5 weeks?


Archana Chillala
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