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dhis 2.25 upgrade


Hi all,

please take care to read the upgrade notes for DHIS version 2.25:


Some highlights:

- A new column "deleted" is introduced for the datavalue table. For large
databases it is recommended to run the upgrade script
This will be taken care of by DHIS 2 itself if not run but the upgrade
script is faster as it drops / creates constraints around the upgrade
statements. The upgrade might take a few minutes on large database so the
upgrade process should be planned for.

- There is a breaking API change around the data set to data element
association, so app developers should evaluate this.

- Support for the *hibernate.properties* config file is removed after being
deprecated for a year. Use *dhis.conf* as filename. Note that the config
properties is updated. Install docs here


Lars Helge Øverland
Lead developer, DHIS 2
University of Oslo
Skype: larshelgeoverland
http://www.dhis2.org <https://www.dhis2.org/>

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