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Confirming 'official' handling of Yes and No in program indicators


Hi Devs,

I’ve been working on some quite complex program indicators, and before I commit them to production, I would be very grateful if you could confirm how Yes and No are supposed to be handled in program indicator expressions.

I’ve noticed that within the program indicators, they currently resolve as Yes=1, No=0 and non-response=null.  So for example:

·         Putting the data element ‘YesNoDE’ itself into an Event Report displays: Yes

·         Creating an indicator containing #{YesNoDE} displays: 1

·         You can do complex indicators involving the Yes/No data element, eg an index calculation:
1.2345 + #{YesNoDE_A}*2.3456+#{YesNoDE_B}*0.7654.

·         You can even put these complex calculations within a d2:condition, eg to test thresholds:
d2:condition('1.2345 + #{YesNoDEa}*2.3456+#{YesNoDEb}*0.7654>3.1',1,0)

This is all excellent, as it enables us to do all sorts of powerful calculations/conditions with Yes/No responses interpreted as 1 or 0.  ☺

So my question: is this expected behaviour, and will it remain consistent in future versions of DHIS2?  I’ve noticed, for example, that there are some rendering bugs in Event Capture, where ‘No’ appears as ‘0’ etc – is there any chance that the handling above will be broken when those bugs are fixed, or will I be able to continue to rely on it?

Cheers, Sam.

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