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Set data approvals with dhis 2.23



We had HMIS system with 6 Org levels (National, Province, District, Sub
district, Sector,  facilities) running the version 2.20. The approval was
working fine, users at province level could  approve/ unapprove data  from
facilities of respective provinces. The constraints in this version was
that a person couldn't approve for individual reporting unit, it was done
once for all facilities under a province, but the it was working fine and
lock data.

However after upgrading to 2.23,  the approval couldn't lock data  for
reporting unit, rather it locks data for  upper levels excluding reporting
facility. ie the data manager can still change data freely.

checking from the settings, we realized that for every data set the system
has created and assign workflow with identical dataset name together with
Province as approval level only.

Reading from the doc, for the dataset to be approved in same time they have
to be assigned to the the same  workflow. I did that but while testing it
this message is displayed " Approval status: Waiting for lower levels to
approve"  while the workflow assigned to it  has Prov, sub district and
facilities  as approval levels.

What we want is to have user at province level to approve  data from
facilities under his supervision  and has possibilities to unlock data for
specific dataset in given reporting unit

Has any one experienced this  situation or someone who can provide a hint
 on how to set this approval?


*Adolphe Kamugunga*
*MIS Technical Advisor*
Mobile: +250 788 740 578
Skype: ka.adolphe

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