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Issue with Syncing Standard Reports after modifying it



We are using the latest version of DHIS 2.25 (build - 5e16867).  We have
created a *Standard Report* from the Reports module on one DHIS instance
(HQ) and synced to another DHIS instance (Local). All the properties that
are set for the Standard Report have synced successfully. Next, for the
same report, we tried to modify the relative period selection and added a
few more. Then synced again. Now, on the Local instance, the UI of Standard
Reports does not reflect the same selection that has been made at HQ...i.e
modification is not synced properly for relative periods property.

However, the payload that is imported into the Local instance for the
Standard Report, has exactly the same updates that have been made at HQ.
Only, the UI at Local does not show the same. No errors are generated in
logs, though.

Please find the payload and screenshot attached.

The screenshot is the standard report at Local instance after modifying and
syncing. It shows only three relative periods selected. But, at HQ, we have
selected 5 of them. However, in the payload that is downloaded at Local
instance, the same 5 relative periods have the value set to '*true*'.

Could you please look into the issue.


Archana Chillala
Application Developer
Email archanac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Telephone +91 9100960533 <+91+9100960533>
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