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OAuth Client - Issue wih Redirect URIs in 2.25



We're using DHIS version 2.25 build - (df53a3f) . In Settings app, we have
O Auth Clients. We tried creating one, by filling all the fields, including
Redirect URIs and saved it. When we edit it later, the Redirect URIs
mentioned previously are nullified.  Also, in the database, the table
*oauth2clientredirecturis*, is empty even after values have been entered
for the field and saved. However, there are no errors generated in the
logs. Please see the screenshots attached.

[image: Inline image 1]

The table *oauth2clientredirecturis* in DHIS2 database is empty.

[image: Inline image 2]

Is this a known issue?
Could you help fix this issue.


Archana Chillala
Application Developer
Email archanac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Telephone +91 9100960533 <+91+9100960533>
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