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Possible bug with event data capture without the 'ALL' authority?


Hi all, am just-resending this, as it doesn’t seem to have got through to the mailing list (apologies if I end up double-posting).

In my 2.25 instance, I’m running into problems when a user without the ‘ALL’ authority attempts to save an event-without-registration: it caches the data values, but doesn’t save them into the database.

I’m using 2.25, revision 221c5d8 (Wed morning), Chrome 54.0.2840.71 (64-bit),


·         I can successfully open EventCapture, register a new event, and start capturing data.

·         However, when I save, a programStageInstance is created in the database, but no records are saved to the trackedEntityDataValues table.

·         Re-opening the event at first displays the data that was entered (but if the cache is cleared, it will appear empty, since no data has in fact been saved).

·         If the browser is refreshed before clearing the cache, the message “There is data stored locally, please upload to server” appears, even though I’m online.

·         Clicking ‘Update’ starts the upload to server, but it never completes (the logs show a single entry:
* INFO  2016-11-10 13:38:14,583 Import done: 00:00:00.000 (Clock.java [http-bio-8080-exec-7])

·         After clearing the cache, if the event is opened and fresh data entered, it sometimes updates the existing event, and sometimes creates a duplicate event on the same date; in both cases, the data is just cached, and although two events still appear if the cache is cleared, they are both empty again.

I don’t think this relates to a specific authority, as I’ve tried it with:

·         a role with just selected EventCapture authorities

·         a role with every authority except ‘ALL’

·         a role with the ‘ALL’ authority.
Users with the ‘ALL’ role can successfully capture data, the other two run into this issue.

I also don’t think it relates to sharing, as I’ve opened up data element and program sharing to rw------ for the relevant User Group.  (The program contains only yes/no data elements, so there are no Option Sets to share.)

Is there some other aspect of sharing/authorities I’ve missed?  (The documentation includes an authority for ‘Single Event Without Registration Data Entry’ / ‘F_ANONYMOUS_DATA_ENTRY’, but that’s not available via the UI, and I’m guessing it doesn’t really exist any longer?)

Or is there perhaps a bug in part of the persistence process, which requires ‘ALL’ permissions?  I’m wondering if this bug might have been introduced into 2.25 by a recent update, as I’m pretty sure I successfully captured events using this user/role a week or two ago…

I have a project that’s completely stuck on this, so very grateful for any enlightenment anyone can provide…

Cheers, Sam.

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