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Issue in metadata export with dependencies


Hi all,

We are experiencing some problems importing some metadata from one instance
to another using the metadata export with dependencies.

We export all the metadata linked to one of our programs and try to import
it to the target instance.

First of all we realized that in the export file generated the program
indicators are not included, which is not a blocking issue but we think it
will be also useful to point it out too.

Then the import was successful at the target instance but when trying to
edit the program stages of this new program we found two issues : (probably
coming from the same error?)

- At the programStage edit view we cannot see the name of the program
stage. The system just printed
*See attached snapshot.

- When we click at the update button nothing happens in the instance and if
we click at the Cancel button an exception occurs in the browser and at
logs files indicates a NullPointerException.

Can you guys take a look at this issues. If we are doing something wrong,
missing some steps or whatever. This features will be so useful for us in
order to propagate our metadata to other new/existing DHIS2 instances.

Thank you very much in advance!

Marc Garnica

*World Health Organization*
*Neglected Tropical Diseases department*

*[image: Imatge inserida 2]*

PNG image

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