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Reserving unique Case ID attributes in Tracker - duplicates encountered when reserving via Android



In 2.28. the table "TrackedEntityAttributeReservedValues" is storing unique
ID values that have been reserved. When a request is coming from e.g. an
Android device running Tracker Capture, the API will trigger the
reservation of 100 values and return these to the device while also storing
the reserved values in the above table.

Yesterday, I inserted a list of such reserved values into that table in
order to "protect" a section of numbers that will be used for importing
legacy data.

I then decided to verify that those case IDs WERE now actually reserved.

when using the normal browser Tracker Capture, it clearly worked - no case
IDs coming up were in the reserved range

But when I fired up Android Tracker Capture and logged in afresh, the
system did reserve 100 more values BUT a number of those were values
already in the TrackedEntityAttributeReservedValues table.

Or in other words, it seems like a request for reserved values from Tracker
Capture via the API will generate reserved values without checking if those
values are reserved already - is that correct?




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