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Re: Analytics taking too much time for tracker


Hi Hannan

I recall you had a similar request which I responded to back in Jan 11.
Maybe worth re-reading that thread as some of it seems still to be
relevant.  In particular:

1.  The first question, as always, is has this suddenly happened or has
something recently changed?  Back then there had been some new datasets
created by UNICEF which you were suspecting.  I recall at the time you said
that analytics then was taking 13 hours.  So 12 hours is an improvement?
Is this a sudden problem, like from a recent system upgrade or some changes
to datasets,  or just the way it has been for some time .. unacceptably

2.  A lot of analytics generation time is taken up on CREATE INDEX.  You
might try to increase maintenance_work_mem.  I think I had suggested back
then pushing as far as 4G on your system.

3.  You still have some automated creature (username elmisinterop) logging
into your system at a crazy rate per second after 1am.  As I recall this
user is trying to download all the data on your system which is probably
not a good thing to do during analytics generation.  Whatever it is, you
need to disable that.

Try 2 and 3 and see where that gets you.

Any chance you can also try to get access to some faster disk resource?

Hope this helps.


On 30 April 2018 at 12:36, Hannan Khan <hannank@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Experts
> I am drawing your attention to one problem and need your kind attention.
> In one of our DHIS2 instances, 'Central Server' analytics generation taking
> too much time  12 h, 22 m, 34 s. DB size is 127 GB and have aggregated and
> trackers as. During analytics run-time the processor utilization and RAM
> utilization is normal. But from the log it is clear that the trackers are
> taking too much time though they are not having much data. "EPI Cold Chain"
> tracker taking near about 9 hour, "Cause of death (MCCOD)"tracker taking 3
> hour and "Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening Program" tracker taking 7
> hour. What seems to be the reason? Is something wrong with the tracker
> system?
> We are using DHIS2 version 2.28 release 533e983.
> Need immediate help.
> Regards
> Muhammad Abdul Hannan Khan
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