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2.29: Illegal data element identifier



I'm getting the following when trying to enter data:

The user has the following permissions:

   - Data Entry App Access
   - Data Value Create Access
   - Is in a group that is shared with this dataset "Can View [metadata]
   and "Can Capture Data"
   - Is in a group that is shared with the Attribute Option "Can View
   [metadata] and "Can Capture Data"
   - Has access to see all objects contained within the dataset.

I arrived at this state by first creating a user that had one additional

   - Is in a group that is shared with this dataset "Can View [metadata]
   and "Can View Data"

I was able to enter the 1 and the 4 with both of those groups (can view
data in one group, can capture data in another)

When I removed the second group, the one with "Can View Data", it turns red
(the 5) and gives me the illegal data element identifier notice, with all
else being equal.

Since a group cannot be both View and Capture, needing both seems to be a
bit excessive, as I thought one implied the other. But that might not be
what is going on here. Any thoughts or ideas, or should I report this as a
2.29 bug?

*Timothy Harding*
Sr. Systems Analyst, BAO Systems
+1 202-536-1541 | tharding@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx | http://www.baosystems.com | Skype:
hardingt@xxxxxxxxx | 2900 K Street, Suite 507, Washington D.C. 20007

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