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Translation reset after night


Dear all,

We are running a database on 2.29 build date 2018-09-24 03:24 and facing a
strange behavior on translation of organisation unit and data elements.

For example we want to update translation for an organisation unit. It's
working fine, but after a night the old translation will be showed.
Checking with WEB api we see a duplicate translation property (has 2 name,
2 short name properties)
"translations": [{"property": "NAME","locale": "lo","value": "0101 ມ.
ຈັນທະບູລີ"},{"property": "NAME","locale": "lo","value": "ມ.ຈັນທະບູລີ"},{
"property": "SHORT_NAME","locale": "lo","value": "ຈັນທະບູລີ"},{"property":
"SHORT_NAME","locale": "lo","value": "ມ. ຈັນທະບູລີ"}],
Then we use API to remove 1 translation that is the old. It's working fine,
old translation gone. But it's very strange that after a night then the old
translation will be showed again with duplicate property.

Does anyone ever see similar issue or experience to solve it? I'm very
appreciated that you can share.

I'm trying to reproduce this issue on blank database but still couldn't
reproduce it.

*Em Le Hong*
DHIS2 Implementation| *HISP Vietnam *
em.hispvietnam@xxxxxxxxx | *Skype:* em.hispvietnam@xxxxxxxxx

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