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Issues with completeDataSetRegistrations api | DHIS 2.29 | JIRA Ticket - DHIS2-4954



We have raised a JIRA ticket for the issue with
completeDataSetRegistrations api.
Please go through this ticket for complete details

We analyzed the issue and we figured out that the behaviour for "multiOu"
parameter in the completeDataSetRegistrations api call is different in DHIS
2.29 from earlier versions.

   - Earlier, we were using versioned api /api/25 with DHIS 2.27.
   - The dataset is associated with the child orgunit and we are making
      POST call with parent orgunit id and multiOu=true parameter.
      - In 2.27, After making POST call, when we see the response for GET
      call to completeDataSetRegistration, we see all entries with the
      childOrgUnit ids.
      - When the call is made without the parameter multiOu, there are no
      entries for the dataset in the response for completeDataSetRegistration.
   - In DHIS 2.29 there is no effect of multiOu parameter.
   - When the call is made with or without the multiOu parameter, the GET
      call returns entry with the parent OrgUnit Id.

This is an urgent issue for our prod environment. Could you please look
into this on high priority.

Kumar Gaurav Nath Shahdeo
Email gauravns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Telephone +91 9160688935 <+91+9160688935>
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