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Re: Max number of users for simultaneous submissions


Thanks for the response Calle.

I agree it's often hard to track down resource issues like this. And yes
it'd be great to get some documentation which would give a guide as to what
sort of loads the server could run in terms of simultaneous submissions and
browser sessions for a given CPU, RAM, disk spec e.t.c.

For more info on our case then - yes the DHIS2 version is 2.27. The mobile
users submit via a tablet which will either submit to the DHIS2 API via
internet or send an SMS, which will eventually make it's way via a gateway
to the DHIS2 API as well. Each of these submissions do not require a
browser session at all, it should be one POST request to the DHIS2 API
(either /dataValueSets for internet, or /sms/incoming for SMS). There's
usually no more than 1 submission every few seconds. That seems completely
reasonable to me.

And the app is our modified version of the original DHIS2 data capture app.

On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 7:45 AM Calle Hedberg <calle.hedberg@xxxxxxxxx>

> Jasper,
> It's not easy to get clear answers on your type of questions, from my
> experience, because there are so many variables....
> 1200-1300 users (i.e. each health facility in Sierra Leone) capturing
> weekly eIDSR data once per week + monthly capturing of a range of other
> data sets (currently captured at district level, but still per facility)
> should not be a problem at all - assuming, of course, that the
> configuration and resource allocation is reasonable. Remember here that
> there could have been some other heavy processing going on, including
> possibly some processes with memory leaks etc that temporarily causes the
> server to come to a halt. That type of "random" situation requiring a
> re-start of the web server to restore normal operations, I have seen a
> number of times - and tracking down whatever combinations of issues that
> triggered it is not always feasible, if it's sort of a once-off affair.
> But I will follow up your question more generally - the community need a
> more transparent & open discussion around scalability and performance, in
> particular because postgresql 10 and the just released version 11 in
> combination with recent DHIS2 versions offer several new options for table
> partitioning, load balancing etc. I believe there is very limited knowledge
> of and experience with these techniques in the wider DHIS2 community.
> BTW: when you post questions like this, always specify whether the system
> is utilising any of the android apps (the old ones, at least, are more
> resource intensive than the browser interface) AND which DHIS2 version you
> are running (I know it is 2.27, but other don't).
> Best regards from Oslo
> Calle
> On Mon, 22 Oct 2018 at 19:12, Jasper Timm <jasper.timm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Hi there DHIS2 devs,
>> We had an issue earlier where our DHIS2 server halted and we're trying to
>> track down what the issue was. It seems likely it was an issue of resources
>> running out, most likely memory.
>> We currently have around 500 users but will eventually have something
>> around 1200-1300 users. Each user is submitting data for a weekly aggregate
>> report on a Monday morning, either via SMS or internet. They could submit
>> any time between 6am - 4pm, with a heavy concentration coming in around
>> 8-9am.
>> So a few questions then:
>> - Does this seem reasonable?
>> - What sort of memory requirements would you consider for this?
>> - How many simultaneous submissions would be possible?
>> - If it had more would the server queue them or would it cause it to halt?
>> Thanks for any help,
>> - Jasper
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