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Re: SMS Commands


Hi Guy, see response in text.

On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 8:05 AM, Guy Ekani <constyekani@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> How can we allow user to capture data for more than one OrgUnit With SMS
> Command? and for a previous period?

You will have to assign codes to your orgunits such that a user can send
different SMS reports but each report is tagged to the code provided. For
example: MCH 009 A8 B0 where
MCH is SMS Command
009 is  orgunit code
A8 B0 is the sms codes and values

> Wich value could we assign to these parameter
> - Completeness method;
The different options mean:
1. Receive all data value, means report is tagged as complete if all data
values received and correct.
2. Receive atleast one data value means report is tagged as complete is
atleast one data value received is complete
3. Do not mark as complete, means whether data values received are correct
or not the report will not be complete after sms report is sent.

> - Use current period for reporting,
I think this means using server time stamp

> - Code and value Separator
how you want to separate the data values from the codes using comma,
full-stop, space or any other character. for example MCH A.8.B.0

> - Reply message if no codes are sent (only the command):
A response designed if SMS report sent does not have codes.

> - Wrong format message
Response sent if the SMS report sent to the system is using the wrong
format. like instead of fullstops some one is using commas

> - No user message
Response sent to user if they are not registered in the system

> - User belong to more than one OrgUnit message
Response sent to user if they are assigned more than one orgunit and they
did not send report using org unit codes.

I hope this helps...

Thank you and Kind Regards
*Immarcqulate. A (Emma Kassy) *

*"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."*

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