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Please help me for a blank run-able DHIS2 database



My name is Liem, I am from Viet Nam. I am newbie in DHIS2

I already installed DHIS2 on my pc with Serra Leon data example, the web
site work but the performance is trouble. I can only log-in, any action
after log-in successful take long time, I did some actions such as "kick
profile button".. then waited but the browser always in progress of
connecting and return nothing for us

I worry about of Serra Leon example data is huge, so that it cause

Actually I hope to have a blank database version that come up with a lit
bit data such as user, role,..but can be run-able however with more than
320 tables I still not clarified on so I dont know what first point to
start to have it

So I think to you!, I will be very appreciated if you can send me a blank
run-able data or suggest me some clues so I can easy to create it

Thank you so much, for reading & understand my condition

I am looking forward to your response
Best regards

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