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DHIS2: Having issues while trying to create reports/charts


Hi All,

I have done the following actions in first step, but cannot see data
entered in Pivot Tables/Charts.

   1. Created DataElements
   2. Created Category Options
   3. Added a Category to include Category Options
   4. Created a Category Combination item to and added the category created
   in Step3 in it.
   5. Now updated the DataElements and assigned the Category Combination.
   6. Now created a DataSet with these DataElements and assigned to the 2.
   organization units.
   7. Using the DataEntry module the data is added successfully for desired
   time period and marked as completed.

But when trying to create a report/chart for these DataElments or DataSets,
I am getting the message that No Values found. However when trying to
create reports/charts on Demo site, everything works fine.

Is there anything that I am missing where while performing all the above
mentioned steps.

In later step I have even deployed the sample database on my machine.
DHIS2: V2.18 (Using dhis2-live.exe to run the application)
OS: Windows 7
DB: Postgres 9.4

   1. Selected DataEntry->
   2. Selected Sierra Leone->Bo->Badjia
   3. Selected Child Health as dataset and April 2015
   4. Clicked on the button "In-complete"
   5. Updated some of the values and now clicked on "Complete".

Updated values are not appearing in Pivot Tables.

Do I have to update some table? run some script or function from to reflect
the updates in pivot tables?

I got a response from one person that "*Go to Reports. Run Analytics*", but
I don't have this option visible on my interface.

*Muhammad Tahir*

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