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Data Collection App or Tool


Dear All,
In Sierra Leone, every district (13) has a DHMT who received
aggregated data report from the facilities (PHUs). During my
assessment i found a very big gap between data collection and data
entry which i am sure is affecting the quality of data in Sierra

Firstly, Stock out of Data Entry Forms (paper based forms).

Secondly, Data Entry Clerks can't question information from the Data
Collectors neither will the HMIS Staff question the Data Entry Clerks;
because they are only entering what is on the paper base records they
received from their various PHUs.

In light of this, how can we closed this gap using an application
running on a very basic protocol (SMS or syncing).

Copy in this mail is someone who is willing to help us with partners
who might fund such a project.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



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